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The source code for SDL2 Strategy

All 24 parts of the tutorial are contained in the download.

Part of the SDL2 tutorial series found here:



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Does the sources of this tutorial are not included in the SDL2 Game Tutorials bundle?

They are, yes. They're in a folder called "tbs" (turn-based strategy).

Yeps, my mistake; I get confused because there are 13 tutorials in the web, but in the zip bundle there is 12 folders (because lookups u can download directly from the tutorials's page).

I just noticed that part 12 of your tutorial  https://www.parallelrealities.co.uk/tutorials/tbs/tbs12.php has the wrong title. It should be Item Handling and not Handling Player Death, which was part 11. 


Thanks! I've updated it.

Thank you again for the tutorials. They are such a wonderful resource for learning how to code different type of games using C++ and SDL2. I'm still in the learning phase. My goal is to write a tactical ASCII-style roguelike so your last tutorial is one I'm super eager to go through.

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You must have read my mind! Can hardly wait to start this one tonight. Thank you. 

Could you create a tutorial on creating a 2D ASCII particle engine like the one used in COGMIND? Please?