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Hi! I know Blob and Conquer is no longer maintained, but I think it's a great game! I made some fixes for annoying graphical bugs and created a pull request (, could you please take a look?

Yep, done.

v1.0.2 has been released:

  • Added missing .desktop file
  • Update text referring to touch screen controls
  • Added grenade counter stat and display, to aid with grenade combo trophy
  • Games are now saved atomically, to mitigate save data loss
  • Laser traps will not kill victims alive forever and block saving
  • Misc. crash and cosmetic fixes and updates

Just finished this game and found it awesome! Competed it 99%, found everything but one hidden trophy. All missions are unlocked, still looking for it.

v1.0.1 has been uploaded that should fix a number of issues:

* Correctly save control configuration.
* Fixed compile error for save paths.
* Fixed save slot defaulting to 0 when loading and continuing.
* Removed saving of trophy screenshot - too buggy.
* Fixed i18n string array smashing.

Just bought the game and tested linux version. Here are  some bugs I found:

1. When configuring controls with game pad (xbox 360) game saves the same button for fire and jetpack even if I set 2 different ones, had to edit the config manually.

2. Game crashes if I move the right stick.

3. Game crashes on beach front #1 when I pickup heart.

If you could file some bugs on GitHub:

When you pick up the heart, does the game show a trophy alert? It could be a problem trying to save a screenshot (you can turn this off in the options screen). I'll see what I can find out with the controller bugs. I used a single stick SNES-like controller for development.

Hello, I'm trying to buy blob wars attrition, but paypal doesn't allow the payment, please check your account.

Thanks for the report. Please could you try again now.