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The source code for an unfinished RPG called Orb. It was to be styled after the SSI Dungeons and Dragon Gold Box games, but was never finished. All source code, data files, and other assets are included in the archive.

To run this game, you must specify some command line arguments:

To start a new game:

./orb -new

To load a game:

./orb -load <save filename>

To play a test battle:

./orb -battle

(this can be found in test/test.c)

To play a particular dungeon:

./orb -dungeon <dungeon name> <entrance name>

Playing a dungeon is tricky, as you need to provide both the name of the dungeon (not the filename) and an exit name, to start the party at. So, for example, you can do:

./orb -dungeon "Bone Cave" "overworld"

to start the party at the Bone Cave dungeon, by the overworld exit. Note - these are case sensitive!

You can find all the dungeons in data/dungeons/defs. They are defined in JSON files. The name of the dungeon can be found in the "name" field, while the various exits can be found in the "objects" array, all of "DO_EXIT" type.

To control a battle, you can use WASD for the menus, and the mouse to click around. Dragging with the left button will allow you to scroll the battle ground.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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