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== SDL2 Shooter 3 ==

SDL2 Shooter 3 is a small game that was built as part of the SDL2 tutorial series from Parallel Realities.

For more information see the tutorial series at: https://www.parallelrealities.co.uk/tutorials

This is a mission and objective based 2D shooter, where the player flies their starfighter to battle various enemies and fulfil a number of tasks. There are 5 main missions in total, and one boss mission that will become available after all other missions have been cleared. All missions may be replayed as many times as the player desires.

The plot follows a war being fought by cats, dogs, and mice against an evil alien race known as the Greebles. It is presented as a humorous story.

== How to play ==

The game is both mouse controlled and keyboard controlled (with an option to configure a joypad). From the title screen, select New Game to begin a new game. You will enter the Intermission section. Select Radish, the red planet, then select the Comms icon (second from left). Select Start Mission, to launch the mission.

=== Intermission ===

The Intermission section is where the player can select missions to play. Initially, only one mission will be available. More will unlock as the player completes available missions. This part of the game is mouse driven.

There are various icons at the bottom of the screen. From left to right:

* Planets: Select missions to play, by selecting a planet and then clicking the Comms icon, to enter the mission briefing.

* Comms: Get a mission briefing (an available mission must be selected to access this section)

* Shop: Repair and upgrade the KIT-E.

* Stats: Statistics!

* Load / Save: Load and save the game

* Options: Configure sound and music, configure controls, and quit the game

=== Mission ===

Default controls:

WASD - Steer starfighter

J - Fire main guns

I - Fire secondary weapon (if equipped)

Tab - Pause / Unpause (and also view objectives)

Escape - Enter in-game menu

Note: the in-game menu (and game over screen) is controlled by using the mouse.

The player will see a list of objectives that must be fulfilled in order to complete the mission. Some involve simple tasks, such as defeating enemies, while others will require the player to collect items, and protect targets.

== Other ==

Games are saved to the same directory as the game itself, as save1.json, save2.json, etc. Configuration is saved as config.json

== Links ==




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This is some of the best SDL2 tutorials out there. I think this is a great resource for beginner programmers in general, as well as people learning the SDL2 library


fantastic stuff as always