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A collection of SDL2 tutorials, from Parallel Realities.


This archive contains the following tutorials:

* 2D shoot 'em up tutorial

* 2D top-down shooter tutorial

* 2D platformer tutorial

* Sprite atlas tutorial

* TTF font tutorial

* 2D adventure tutorial

* Widgets tutorial

* 2D vertical shoot 'em up tutorial

* 2D run-and-gun tutorial

* Roguelike tutorial

This archive will be updated with new tutorials as they are added, allowing you to pay once and download all the tutorials as they are made available.

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorParallel Realities
Tagssourcecode, Tutorial


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These are nice. Reminds me of the old magazine-listing days!

Btw, there's a memory corruption bug in the platformer tutorial. On my mac it was causing all rendering to fail with "Invalid renderer" messages. In map.c:

    static SDL_Texture *tiles[MAX_TILES];

should read:

    static SDL_Texture *tiles[MAX_TILES+1];


Thanks! Nice spot. I've updated the PPP tutorial to fix this. The code is now:


#define MAX_TILES              8


static void loadTiles(void) 
    int i;     
    char filename[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];      
    for (i = 1 ; i < MAX_TILES ; i++)
        sprintf(filename, "gfx/tile%d.png", i);          
        tiles[i] = loadTexture(filename);     

That should all work now (unless I've somehow introduced another bug somehow..!)


These tutorials have been better than any other I can find for C/SDL2. Almost every other SDL tutorials I could find were either outdated, using C++, or just sort of half-baked. They're structured in an easy to understand way, and the code itself is structured in a way that's easy to understand/modify and play with on you own. Absolutely awesome, thanks so much!


If you’re a starting C language and want to learn how to develop games using SDL2, then I would highly recommend this tutorial series. They are a great introduction into programming in C and using the many features of SDL2. They hold your hand, but also force you to look at the source code to learn what’s going on under the hood. If you’re like me and re-write what the author writes it will help solidify a lot of the concepts. You can even mod the tutorials for extra practice.

Best $5 (or more) you can spend with regard to learning SDL2.


Thank you!