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A collection of SDL2 tutorials, from Parallel Realities.


This archive contains the following tutorials:

* 2D shoot 'em up tutorial (3)

* 2D top-down shooter tutorial

* 2D platformer tutorial

* Sprite atlas tutorial

* TTF font tutorial

* 2D adventure tutorial

* Widgets tutorial

* 2D vertical shoot 'em up tutorial

* 2D run-and-gun tutorial

* Roguelike tutorial

* Achievements tutorial

* 2D strategy game tutorial

* 2D isometric game tutorial

* 2D map editor tutorial

* 2D santa game

You can preview the list of files in the archive by following the link below:


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AuthorParallel Realities
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What is the licensing for this source code and your tutorials? Can I use the source code here or tutorials on your website as the basis for my own projects regardless of their own licenses?


The code is governed under standard copyright laws, so while you could use it as a basis for your own work (kind of expected, to be fair), you couldn't release that code or re-license it.

So, you wouldn't be able to create a GPL project, for example, and post that publicly.

Many thanks to the author for this tutorial.

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Hello. Asset pack has only 10 games. Is it ok?
UPD: The problem was on my side

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The asset pack contains the source code and assets for all the tutorials listed here:


So, that would be:

2D shoot 'em up tutorial

2D top-down shooter tutorial

2D platformer tutorial

2D adventure tutorial

2D vertical shoot 'em up tutorial

2D run and gun tutorial

Roguelike tutorial

Medals (Achievements) tutorial

2D turn based strategy tutorial

2D isometric game tutorial

Mission-based 2D shoot 'em up tutorial

Sprite atlas tutorial

Working with TTF fonts

Widget tutorial


Map editor tutorial

They are all divided up into their individual parts, too. 

A new tutorial is being added tomorrow, one that will show the reader how to create a simple Santa Claus game.

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The downloaded pack contains the following directories:











There seems to be something missing here
UPD: I got this error when unziping the pack: "truncated gzip input"

What platform are you on? What tool are you using for extracting the archive?

Maybe try a different extraction tool if you're on Windows?

Also, try downloading the file again.

That truncation error could be a result of the download not having completed properly.

Thank you for help. The problem was on my side :)


I bought this after going through lots of online tutorials. I wish I had started here. These tutorials are easy to understand and have plenty of content. I've already compiled all the final projects to ensure they work (they all do) and then started the lessons. I got through 7 in 2 days just in my free time. They are very clear and being able to work from functioning source code makes it easier to understand.

These are great.


Hello. Besides getting the complete source code, what are the differences between buying these tutorials and following them on your website?

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The source code contains everything that is needed to build and run each part, of each tutorial. It includes all the assets (data, music, sound, etc) that are needed.

One could work through the tutorials on the site, and copy the code from there in your own project, but you may find it much harder to work with than having the complete source available, that can be built and run using cmake.

SDL2 Shooter 3 is a great example of where having access to the complete source is a boon, as that tutorial is massive!


Tutorials are fantastic. Thanks for making these!


100% worth every penny. I've been programming for years and sometimes it's just nice to see how other people approach things, to come up with new ideas. Be it games, web apps, etc. But not just bits and pieces, the entire thing. Great stuff!


Just what I was looking for, written tutorials (not videos that are hard to reference later) in as close to bare metal programming as you can get with SDL2 and in my preferred language C.

Love that there is a variety of project types and more are being added, (especially interested in the 2D strategy game).

Great work and thank you for providing this for people interested in low level game programming.

Just skimmed through some of the source and am very happy with the purchase.  Looking forward to going through these!


Doing this in C++.  As Parallel said, it's easy to follow along.  It's also great practice in "transposing" the code from C to C++.

Excellent purchase!


is it possible to follow along with C++? These tutorials look really insightful but I only have experience with writing cpp and c#.


If you understand C++ then you won't have any trouble understanding these tutorials;  C++ was originally developed as an extension to C, so they were both very similar languages.


Thanks for the reply! Just purchased your tutorials and making my way through them now. Really great stuff!


This is the best game dev course related to C/SDL! Glad I found it


I just bought it today. The only updated tutorial on C & SDL2 game development. Thank you very much!


Thank you for including your new Map Editor tutorial!


No problem. I've been making little map editors for my own games for a few years, so I thought I'd demonstrate how I go about it. It' s only a little thing, but hopefully some will find it useful / insightful.


can u do a character creator tutorial?


Ah, I only write about stuff I have experience with, I'm afraid.

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I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Actually, I'm a web developer, but something I wanted to learn for a long time was to develop games in C. It will be a long learning process for me, but it is quite enjoyable. I would recommend to friends who buy this learning kit to progress slowly, it can be supported by learning openGL at the same time. If you are interested in these technologies, I highly recommend this course. These courses will also help you learn how algorithms and data structures (For Example Linked List) work. Have a nice day.


I highly reccomend those tutorials, best money spend since long time

i agree


These are the missing SDL2 tutorials that the world needed. Thanks!


These are nice. Reminds me of the old magazine-listing days!

Btw, there's a memory corruption bug in the platformer tutorial. On my mac it was causing all rendering to fail with "Invalid renderer" messages. In map.c:

    static SDL_Texture *tiles[MAX_TILES];

should read:

    static SDL_Texture *tiles[MAX_TILES+1];


Thanks! Nice spot. I've updated the PPP tutorial to fix this. The code is now:


#define MAX_TILES              8


static void loadTiles(void) 
    int i;     
    char filename[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];      
    for (i = 1 ; i < MAX_TILES ; i++)
        sprintf(filename, "gfx/tile%d.png", i);          
        tiles[i] = loadTexture(filename);     

That should all work now (unless I've somehow introduced another bug somehow..!)


These tutorials have been better than any other I can find for C/SDL2. Almost every other SDL tutorials I could find were either outdated, using C++, or just sort of half-baked. They're structured in an easy to understand way, and the code itself is structured in a way that's easy to understand/modify and play with on you own. Absolutely awesome, thanks so much!


If you’re a starting C language and want to learn how to develop games using SDL2, then I would highly recommend this tutorial series. They are a great introduction into programming in C and using the many features of SDL2. They hold your hand, but also force you to look at the source code to learn what’s going on under the hood. If you’re like me and re-write what the author writes it will help solidify a lot of the concepts. You can even mod the tutorials for extra practice.

Best $5 (or more) you can spend with regard to learning SDL2.


Thank you!