Parallel Realities

A small 2D platform game, with a level editor (CLI)
Tutorial code for making a basic map editor using SDL2
A isometric game tutorial, using SDL2
A small demo of an isometric game, made in SDL2.
Source code for the achievements (Medals) tutorial
A simple 2D rescue game.
Creating a simple Roguelike
Simple Roguelike
Role Playing
2D run-and-gun game.
Source code for the SDL2 Gunner tutorial
Creating a vertical 2D shoot 'em up
2D vertical shoot 'em up
Creating a widget / menu system using SDL2
Source code for the SDL2 tutorial series
A small dungeon adventure, created in SDL2
Source code for the Parallel Realities TTF tutorials.
Unfinished RPG.
Source code for the SDL2 sprite atlas tutorial
A collection of SDL2 game tutorials.
Source code and assets for the cancelled Water Closet sequel
Source code for the 2D platformer tutorial
The source code for Battle Arena Donk
Source code for SDL2 Shooter tutorial
Sources for unfinished turn-based strategy game.
2D puzzle game about a Red Guy looking for a diamond to have for lunch.
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes
A 2D mission-based space shooter, based on the Battle for the Solar System novel trilogy